Blizzard (WoW) – The essence of bad support

Every now and then you experience something that make you doubt the future of the human race even more. Customer support in various companies are blamed for everything from missing shipping parts to climate changes, but sometimes they really prove their bad reputation.

After a years of absence in World of Warcraft I decided to give Wrath of The Lich King a try after not being 100% satisfied with Warhamer online. I used to have two paid accounts in WoW, leveling different characters. This time I figured one account would be enough, and so I upgraded one of the accounts to WoTLK. I was positively surprised by the game, and decided that it would be ok for casual gaming.

I decided that I might as well move one of my characters from the other account to this one, and started the character transfer process on November 18. It failed with no specific reason given. I read the FAQ about requirements, and could not see anything wrong, so on the same day I sent an email to Blizzard customer support listing my problem.

On December 22, that is more than a month later, I received the following response:
"Thank you for your email. Your account is not eligible due to not having the same upgrade as the account your transferring from."

I was lost for words for a moment. So, what Blizzard is telling me is that the reason to why the transfer failed is that I’ve upgraded one of the accounts to WoTLK. I was stunned by the stupidity in that response.So, if I would have gone ahead with the character transfer BEFORE upgrading one of the accounts, everything would be fine. But just because I’ve been a good, paying customer, and upgraded one of the accounts I can no longer transfer from the non-upgraded account. I would have to pay for yet another WoTLK, that I have no use for.

We are not talking about character transfer between PVP and non-PVP, or any other transfer that would actually benefit the character. The accounts are on the same server, characters are in the same guild, ALL characters were the same level (70), both on the upgraded as well as the non-upgraded account, the accounts were all in my name, with the same billing address.

I still can’t believe the stupidity, and badwill they’ve proven by this response…

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